Finance Team of the Year

The category is open to any finance team working tirelessly in a country,that has had the most impact on organisational performance, business partners and/or client groups, and has made an outstanding contribution to building a transparent, innovative, sustainable and collaborative working environment.

Entrants should demonstrate:

  • Strong team-working and how the team is built, maintained and development.
  • Excellent communication, transparency, openness and a commitment to ethical standards
  • The measurable impact of its work on improved public financial management for their organization.

Innovative Insurance Company of the Year

This award recognizes the most outstanding insurance firm who has best exceled at pushing the envelope with exemplary service, commitment to clients, innovation and growth.

Digital Lender of the Year

This category is open to organization that has best harnessed technology and digital solutions to improve their lending business, aid their staff, and leverage overall client experience over the past 12 months.

This category looks at the organization’s use of technology and digital platform/solution/resource/software/, business model, international best practices, strong management team and a diversified employee base.

 COVID-19 Finance Leader of the Year (New for 2022)

The winner of this award will have displayed exceptional leadership in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  They will be able to demonstrate a key contribution to the leadership of their organisation as well as maintaining strong financial management and/or governance in an organisational context. They will also be able to demonstrate strong team working within the finance team over this period. He or she will be a role model to others, demonstrating fresh thinking in how to deliver efficient and effective services in a time of crisis.

Achievement in Financial Reporting and Accountability

This award will go to the individual or team delivering high quality, accessible and intelligible financial reporting that, in the opinion of the judges, demonstrates the clearest link between organisational strategy, performance monitoring and management. The winner’s innovative approach to producing reports and accounts will have had a measurable impact on the community, promoting stakeholder engagement and transparency.

Best Fintech Lender

The award will honour organisations who lend money and consider their business model to be based around a new, innovative and disruptive business model with a piece of fintech at its heart.

Best Support for SMEs

This Award goes to any business providing commercial finance of any kind to Nigeria SMEs.

Business Leader of the Year

The award will honour a leader of a business operating within either alternative finance, commercial finance or the mortgage sector, who has demonstrated outstanding business leadership in the last 12 months.

Fintech Leader of the Year

This award recognises an individual of the fintech sector who has demonstrated a commitment to innovation, thought leadership and the goal of raising the number of individual working in fintech.

Mortgage and Finance Broker of the Year

This award recognises the mortgage and finance broker who best represents the industry across key factors, including, but not limited to, loan volumes, loan book growth, compliance, submission quality and customer service, as well as business processes, systems, stakeholder engagement and customer relationship.

Thought Leader of the Year

This award recognises an exceptional leader who has most effectively shaped their business’ performance and delivered value to their organisation.

Outstanding Leadership Award

The category is open to an individual that has demonstrated exceptional leadership and good guidance in the past year, in terms of the company or organisation he/she works for and for wider influence in regional financial services.

Best Investment Management Firm

The category is open to an investment management firm that has demonstrated the ability to optimise financial profitability generated from its investments, significantly increasing its assets under management.

Best Asset Management Firm

The award goes to an Asset Management firm that has demonstrated the best results for their clients as a whole increasing their financial performance in either real terms or relative to the post-pandemic conditions.

Best Payments Solutions Provider

This category is open to a technology company that developed a payments solution successfully covering a range of important services such as transaction reconciliation, reporting, fund remittance and fraud protection, risk management services for card and banked-based payments in addition to multi-currency functionality and services.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The award category recognizes and promotes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the financial industry through leadership/service, practices, thought leadership and accountability, over a minimum of 15 years.


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